Marketing Jargon Buster

Marketing Jargon Buster

If you have a workmate who loves to drop the latest buzzword into conversation or talks in acronyms, get a head start on them with the latest marketing jargon.

The advertising-entertainment double act.  We want to be amused while being convinced to buy!

Big Data

We can find out so much about so many things that we have piles and piles of data – some of it organised, some of it not. Some of it useful, much of it (probably) not. It comes from what we browse (both in person and online), voice data, search, where we shop. Finding a way to store, manage and use all this data effectively is the challenge.

Data Capture

A fancy term for getting people’s details – from contact details to their purchasing preferences.


As the name suggests, disruptors like to mix things up, challenge the rules and play the same old things in a new way. Often out of this disruptive behaviour comes new things – think Uber and Airbnb.


Giving stuff away for free to lure people to upgrade to paid versions.  We love freemium marketing tools like HootSuite, WordPress, and MailChimp!


Combining game-related elements into services or software to entice users to do what we want them to do.


Using GPS data to geographically target audiences and provide relevant ads based on their location. Handy, but sometimes a bit spooky.


Just put jacking on the end of what you’re doing to explain why you are taking over or adding your own touch to something. In newsjacking, journos cover a news story while weaving their own agenda through it, while memejacking is a corporate takeover of a meme.


The etiquette of the internet – such a pretty word for something that is often sadly ignored – trolls, spammers and ranters, anyone?

Snackable Content

Just like the food analogy suggests – small, quick and bite-sized content that is easy to consume and fills the gap for now.


It’s not the Sound of Music’s do re mi gone wrong, it’s the golden trifecta of modern marketing – social, local and mobile.


When one screen just isn’t enough. Why watch TV, when you can also be connected and talk about what you are watching via social media on your phone.

UGC (User Generated Content)

When we do the work for the marketers – we provide testimonials, video, etc and marketers use it to promote their brands under the guise of showing they care.