New Water Education Signs at Brooklands Zoo

New Water Education Signs at Brooklands Zoo

It was definitely a case of three heads being better than one when it came to Brooklands Zoo’s water education signage explaining the zoo’s new rainwater collection system and how the zoo team is using the water.

“Between the zoo staff, Chloe from tgm and myself we came up with clever, eye-catching and informative signage that demonstrates how collecting rainwater can be so useful,” says New Plymouth District Council Three Waters Education Officer Denise Rowland.

“You always get a great outcome working collaboratively on projects and anything to do with the zoo is always a sought after job to work on,” says tgm designer Chloe.

The rainwater collection system is located near the new leopard tortoises’ enclosure and features Perspex signage showing a cloud with rain drops housing explanatory text about how the collected water will be used.

“Hopefully the information catches visitors’ attention and inspires them to think about storing and using rainwater at their homes. If we all make small changes like this, it makes a big difference to how much water we use,” says Denise.