Cost-effective advertising that hits the mark. enquire now download rate card digital billboards Get thousands of eyes on your brand with a billboard spot on one of New Plymouth’s busiest roads. Digital billboard advertising is cost-effective, non-intrusive, engaging and a friendly way to talk with your customers.



Reach people on the go – be seen by 32,000 people every day



Standing high and lit at night your message will be seen 24/7.



Outdoor advertising is one of the most cost-effective ways of reaching a mass audience.


Digital billboards give you the freedom to update your message as often as you need.


Digital billboards allow you to deliver real-time information and location specific information in your ads.


Billboards are a great complement to other marketing activity, helping to extend campaign reach.

Why digital outdoor advertising works

  • It is always turned on, so is much more likely to find your customers
  • Everyone who drives, rides and walks past is exposed to your message
  • 62% of consumers see billboards everyday
  • 8 out of 10 of billboard viewers look at the advertising message
  • 83% of those who saw a digital billboard have been able to recall the specific message displayed because it is generally very simple
  • 40% of viewers claim to visit a store or restaurant after they have seen a digital advert displayed
  • 19% of consumers claim to have made an unplanned, impulse purchase of products they saw advertised digitally
  • Outdoor media is the biggest driver of web traffic for young people

Traffic count: 32,000 vehicles per day
Location: 68 Vivian Street – the westward one way
in the New Plymouth CBD
Dwell time: Minimum is 30 seconds
Size: 5m (wide) x 2.5m (high)
Format: RGB, JPG

Format: Digital
Considerations: Eight-word limit*
Exclusivity: Receive exclusive industry placement
Design: Supply your own or let our design team
bring your ideas to life (design costs apply)

* Download our spec sheet for more information
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ready to stand out?


Where is the billboard?

68 Vivian Street – the westward one way in the New Plymouth CBD.

What’s the dwell time?

There is a minimum of 30 seconds dwell time, allowing plenty of time for your audience to take in the content of your billboard

How big is the billboard?

The billboard is 5m wide x 2.5m tall.

How long is the message booked for?

Billboards are booked by the week, so they can be as flexible as other elements in your campaign. You can start and stop billboards as required.

How far ahead should I book my billboard?

The design process generally takes a week, but we recommend booking as far in advance as possible to make sure you can get the spots you are looking for.

Who creates the artwork for my billboard?

If you have a design team, we can provide you with the appropriate artwork templates, or one of our experienced team can assist. A standard design will cost approx. $300 + gst, or we can create one free billboard design per month of advertising booked. Once the campaign is finished, we will keep it on file in case you wish to advertise again. If you require the artwork to be supplied for another purpose, ask us for a quote.