Is Print Dead?

Is Print Dead?

Print’s dead they say, everyone’s online! Feeling pressured to go digital when your heart is saying print? Don’t be. Print hasn’t died, it’s just how we do it that’s changed. Gone are the long print runs, set weekly print ads and printing boxes and boxes of large full colour annual reports. Instead, welcome to short, custom runs, bespoke print items and the ability to print as you need it.

Cost and flexibility

With the advent of digital printing, the cost savings of longer print runs has been negated. No longer do you need to print in runs of thousands. Alongside digital printing, we also have a range of printing formats to choose from making it even easier for you to get bespoke printing solutions to meet your needs.

Impact and longevity

Printed products allow your brand to stand out in the busy, cluttered digital world we inhabit. Print lasts, digital readers don’t linger. Users can scroll, delete or swipe your brand away in a second. Printed products can be touched, referred to again, delivered in person and even put on the fridge! Print products also act as a signpost taking people to your online presence to find out more, place an order or get in touch.

It’s not just paper

Print can be more than just paper. Think branded apparel, promotional products and printing on other mediums; wood, material, stickers…the list goes on.

The future

As for the future, think more and more sustainable practices, water-based printing, and totally innovative ideas, like the application of nanotechnology to printing, known as nanography to create even higher quality print results.

The last word

Just like fashion, print goes in cycles and evolves. What’s old is new again, and in this case, new and old can work together – it’s not a matter of print or digital, more print and digital. Print’s versatility and flexibility as a marketing tool won’t be going out of fashion anytime soon.