Graphic design tips

When creating a brand, it’s important to think about the colours you use and what they represent. A recent project which involved the branding of child behaviour consultants, Two Steps Ahead NZ, is a great example of this (click here to see client branding). We chose blue for the logo which symbolises trust, integrity, logic and communication, however the tone of blue was also an important factor here as blue can appear cold and unapproachable.

We also used blue to represent the logic and integrity of Real Estate company, Urban Studio, who wanted to emphasise their unique approach to selling houses.
Graphic Designer, Robyn, has worked at TGM Design for over 10 years and specialises in logo development and brand implementation. A graduate of WITT, then Taranaki Polytechnic, her broad experience and length of service means she provides a key support role for designers and management.

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