Event promotion and design. ignite’23

Event promotion and design. ignite’23

We have always been proud supporters of Scouts NZ, and this year we had the great opportunity to help with organising their venturers event: ignite’23 by providing event promotion and design solutions.

ignite’23 took place at the start of this year in Mayfield, New Zealand, hosting Scouts from New Zealand and Australia and providing them with skills through various activities ranging from a simple trail walk to canyoning.

Scouting is all about being resourceful, and with an ever moving event date and the need for up-to-the-minute communications the team at TGM came up with some resourceful promotional and comms tricks that ensured the event was a success and no one got their woggles in a twist. Check out below how we expanded from a logo design, to full blown event promotion.

We needed to create a logo and brand that reflected the event, location and something teens of all ages would find fun.
After a number of design concepts we came to the current ignite’23 logo, dynamic and fun, using the mountain scapes around Mayfield to create movement within the wording, and tying back to Scouts using the badge icon.


Throughout the year we helped roll out various collateral to help keep the kids informed and excited.

One of the biggest forms of communication was through the website and social media.
The website needed to be able to evolve and grow with the jamboree, while at the same time hold and display a mass of information that is easily accessible.

Check out the website here: https://www.ignite23.nz/

Social Media
Social media also played a big part in keeping everyone up to date. We created a fun banner, social media templates for the scouts to use and some designed posts promoting upcoming merchandise.

We took communication straight to the venturers inboxes with a regular mailchimp e-newsletter. This ensured parents and kids got the right information if they weren’t on social media.


Print and promotional

As this event was postponed a couple of years due to COVID, we knew we needed a way to keep everyone excited and engaged.
Releasing promo items over the year was a sure fire way to do this. By the time ignite’23 started in December 2022, kids could order drink bottles, coffee cups, pens, hats, sunnies and some awesome tees.

With the ever evolving date print was used in a way to back up the online material. We designed A3 posters to go around the Scout club rooms all over New Zealand – this featured the website and a QR code that takes people to the registration form online. QR codes are great to use on print material as you can provide people with realtime information, without permanently printing it on a poster!

We also designed some circular stickers for locals around Mayfield to stick on their shop windows, to show their support for the Scouts.


The final days of ignite’23 required the Scouts to paint two poolside walls with a mural celebrating Mayfield and the Scouts. Using illustrations of a weta and peacock provided by some Scout members, we continued their illustration to fill the mural space.

Overall ignite’23 was a blast for the Scouts, and even though their were many challenges with keeping everyone excited and informed over an extended period we were stoked to play such a major part in the event design, communications and promotion. Would we do it again? Of course we would – scouts honour.

You can view photos of the event here: https://www.ignite23.nz/gallery