Top 7 Benefits of Expos

Top 7 Benefits of Expos

Benefits of expos

Taranaki has a range of expo’s coming up this year, from the Taranaki Weddings Show to Lifestyle, Careers, Business Expo’s and more! Take a look at some of the key benefits of bringing your business to an expo in 2019.



Networking is a powerful marketing tool. Expos allow you to meet and connect with potential customers face-to-face, giving a lasting impression and a strong idea of who it is you’re trying to target. Having face-to-face contact is also a fantastic way for you to demonstrate your product and get customers engaging with your brand.


Raise brand awareness

Expos are a mix of offerings, and more often than not you find an amazing business that you didn’t know about before! From a business point of view, expos are a great opportunity to spread brand awareness, putting your stand and essentially your shop front in front of hundreds of potential customers.


Get the edge

Whether you’re attending a wedding, lifestyle, career or business expo as an exhibitor, you will be surrounded by similar or related businesses. This may seem a little daunting – but it will help you to get the edge on your competitors – seeing what they’re doing, getting a sweeping view of where your industry is and where your business could be.


Create a lasting impression

If done right, your stand could be the talk of the expo. With a well designed show stand, engaging activities, demonstrations or aesthetics you could draw the show attendees attention so that the next time they are in the market, you’re the business that comes to mind.

Top Tip: When creating an engaging stand get your audience to complete an action you can follow up with, for example completing a competition on social media or entering a business card for a draw!


Lead generation

Expanding on above – a fun demonstration is always engaging but creating an interactive experience that also allows you to create leads, and follow up with your audience is extremely important. There’s a fantastic opportunity to engage with your customers through expos – have a think about how you would follow up, or ask tgm to give you a hand!


Expos level the playing field

Whether you’re a corporate or a local business, every business at an expo has access to the same large audience, same costs for space and same marketing of the event. It offers benefits to business of any size.


We can help

If you’re an expo veteran or new to the scene TGM offers a range of expo products that are lightweight, eco friendly and create an impact! Whether you are looking to educate, entertain, promote your services or sell products at expos, we can help you with style, brand and design for your next stand.

If you want to freshen up your expo stand this year, or are interested in our latest eye-catching expo range get in touch!

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