Perfect Display Solutions

Once you have awesome promotional material designed to showcase your business, it’s important to display them in the right way. Think about where you want to display the promotion to be sure it is seen by the right people. Whether it’s something you want customers to see when they walk inside your building or as they drive past the building, here are some new display solutions that could work for you.

OutDoor-LightBox-Open-web FT-AY-07-221x300

Designed for retail applications, these chrome plated steel gallows hanger stands have an upside down L-shaped pole, with 2 polycarbonate clips on the horizontal bar which are used to suspend a poster, or price ticket.

The Pole is adjustable from 1400mm to 2400mm and if stability in high traffic areas is a concern, the base is designed to be weighted down by cartons of the product on the floor.


Here’s a great idea! If your looking for a sturdy A1 outdoor sign holder that’s a bit different, these A-Frame, double sided display boards might just fit the bill.

Moulded from polyethylene, with a hollow core that can hold up to 35 litres of water, these display boards are both durable and extremely stable in all weather conditions.

The signs can be up to 5mm thick and simply slide into aluminium channels on each side. The display is then hinged at the top for easy portability and storage.


These products are made using a 65mm wide, silver aluminium extrusion. The key-lockable, hinged front panel opens and closes easily and smoothly and gas stays support the front panel while the image is being changed.

The frames incorporate the latest SMD technology, which is 50% brighter than standard LED and comes with low voltage power adapters that have been tested and approved to New Zealand standards. These are available in A0, A1 and A2 sizes as well as limited stocks of 1500 x 1200mm frames.