Effective Business Cards – leave a lasting impression

Business cards are a great marketing tool to leave a lasting impression of your business following a meeting or networking event, or to send out with letters or promotions as a way of introducing yourself to a potential client. Unlike flyers, they are usually kept and used for contact details when the person requires your help. This is why it is so important to give a good impression of you and your business by showing your unique selling points through a 2×3 inch piece of card!



“TGM has created a unique brand that gives us a strong presence in the oil and gas industry. We are extremely happy with the outcome including website, business card, brochure, email signature design, logo and shipping container”. Mark Horwell, Switchfloat.


You also don’t have to break the bank to get your business cards printed, especially if you’re ordering large quantities or for more than one member of staff – let’s face it – you’re going to need them! Here is an example of how the pricing works:

Quantity Business cards ordered one at a time Business cards ordered 24 names together (price per name)
250 $3.192 per card $0.29 per card
500 $2.297 per card $0.17 per card
1,000 $1.193 per card $0.12 per card

Generally all types of businesses use business cards to give away their contact information and to showcase their services. It has gone a long way already and is becoming more in demand especially with the variety of design options and clever extras available. But there are things you need to consider in designing business cards in order for it to serve its purpose. Here are our tips to creating an effective business card that gets you noticed:

Know your purpose: Just as with any marketing material you produce, it’s important to identify your goal. It could be to showcase your services, introduce yourself or send people to your website/social media pages. Once you determine a purpose, it will be easier to decide what to include on the card.


“We just wanted to convey how much we enjoy working with you guys and how much we appreciate your input in particular”. Patti Wolfsbauer, RMY Legal.


Include ALL important information: Things like name, number, email and physical address are pretty standard but remember to also include website address, social media pages and other things that may help to encourage people to contact you e.g. 0800 number, services or even a QR code to send them to your website.

Make the most of design and print options available: There are so many options to make your business card stand out such as size, colour, material and thickness. Your designer will make recommendations for this but things such as full colour on both sides, rounded corners, Matt seal and spot UV can add so much to a usually boring card, reflecting your brand and creativity.


“Andrea and her team always provide me with wonderful creative options for all of my graphic design work. The finished print products are always on time and presented to an extremely high standard. I would recommend Andrea and her team to anyone needing branding, design or printing work carried out”. Simone Hunter, Clever Crafts.


Do your research: Don’t be afraid to check out other people’s business cards for inspiration (or even to show you what you don’t want!). They will help to give you inspiration and a clear idea of what you want.

Use the right colours: We always talk about the importance of colour here at TGM Design but as well as reflecting your brand image you must use the right colours that say the right things about your company. If you are an investment banker, a sober layout and colours such as blue or gray work better.

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