Importance of a strong corporate logo

Most people will be able to instantly identify the golden arches, the apple with the bite out of it and the ‘swoosh’ tick without seeing the name that accompanies it.

A successful corporate logo should:

  • Create your image
  • Create consumer loyalty
  • Be a powerful marketing tool
  • Establish ownership

Logos establish identity. They are the face of the brand and should be unique and comprehensible to all potential customers. To achieve this most have a tie in with the brand values, which can be achieved by using a combination of colour, typography and graphics. All of these provide essential information that allows the customer to easily identify with the brand.

For example a law firm may have an established, formal typeface and symbol to show trust and integrity to their clients, whereas a sports company may have a slanted italic font that shows forward movement and action.

8 Expert Tips to Achieve a Strong Successful Corporate Logo

  1. Have a good idea of what your business values are. Write down 10 words that stand for your business and give these to your designer
  2. Give your designer a strong brief of what your business is about and what you expect. Examples of other logos, colour and styles you like are perfect.
  3. Listen to your designer if they say something won’t work or doesn’t look right
  4. Trust your designer but don’t be afraid to stand up and tell them it’s not what you want
  5. Don’t follow popular trends as they tend to become stale quickly. You want something that will still look good in 20 years
  6. Don’t clutter or overcrowd your branding. Simple is best.
  7. Sometimes the best and most effective logos aren’t your first choice. Some of the world’s most successful logos were the least liked.
  8. Avoid clichés such as globes, lightbulbs and speech bubbles.