Customer Service

What does customer service mean to you? For some it’s the little things like speaking to a real person when you call a business, for others it’s someone understanding the challenges you face in your role and adding value.

At TGM Creative we’re proud of our reputation for good design, quality print and creative online solutions for our clients and even prouder that some of these clients have been customers since TGM Creative first opened its design doors in 1989.

What do we put that down to? Good customer service. We pride ourselves on making sure working with anyone from the TGM Creative team is enjoyable and easy and customers walk away with what they asked for.

With more and more self-service, do it yourself offerings and increased competition from the organisation down the road to an online competitor based overseas, customer service is becoming the key to what makes a business stand out.

Here are some customer service tips we like:

  • Make the customer’s problems your problem.
  • Make it personal – we like doing business with people we know, like and trust.
  • Listen and then think like a customer.

And remember the old adage, marketing brings a customer in, customer service keeps them coming back.