The Season of Social

With the hastening approach of the holiday and summer seasons it’s easy to picture endless days at the beach and sipping on a cold beverage while the kids entertain themselves. While it seems everyone is more than ready for this crazy and surprising year to come to an end it’s important not to checkout entirely by ensuring you’re doing your part to keep your business presence alive.
Using social media to promote your business and engage with audiences over the holiday break is an effective way of securing your online presence, while still being able to kick back and relax. We’ve put together some suggestions to help make things a bit easier for you and your business if you’re unsure how to go about social media this summer.
Being mindful of your audience is the first step to successful social media engagement. Over the holidays people will be checking and updating social media regularly. However, the general mood will be more relaxed and focused on festivities, so steer clear of intense content such as a full page article on analytics etc. and focus more on the common ground – Holidays!
This ‘common ground’ can include creating seasonal posts wishing everyone a happy holiday, new years or summer – Even a small ‘thank you’ to your clients as the year comes to a close is a great way to reach your audience boosting likes and shares with a positive and easily received message.
To make it easier on yourself you can schedule posts before your break. This ensures you’re being timely and your social media is ticking over while you are away. Social media scheduling sites such as Hootsuite allow you to pre-schedule social media posts over a number of networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for maximum reach and timeliness.
Another easy way to keep up presence is by ‘recycling’ an older post. By tracking down an older, successful (liked, shared etc.) post, you remind people of your success during the year without having to create new content and can simply caption: “remember when…”
Spending just five minutes every-other day liking posts on your newsfeed, following new pages and looking for engaging content can keep your presence alive during the holidays. You will be able to enjoy your vacation and have extra peace of mind knowing you won’t have to catch-up and create a massive re-launch once you get back in to things. So keep social media savvy this summer and enjoy your break everyone!