tgm expo tips

tgm expo tips

Let us help you stand out from the crowd at your next event, expo or trade show with our top expo tips.


Use social media to build up anticipation and follow up post show. Set up a Facebook event to let people know where your stand is and why they should make a point of visiting. Use mailchimp to follow up with contacts post-event and keep in contact following the show. You could also post photos of people who visit your stand on social media – create a hashtag to see who’s talking about you.

Collateral and giveaways

A clever, memorable giveaway means your brand stays in people’s minds (and hands), but no one likes waste, so any giveaways need to be super smart and worth keeping. ‘Sticky’ flyers with an exclusive show offer or good tips will stay out of the recycling.


Set up your stand in advance and look at it from a distance and from all angles to check how your banding will come across.  There’s no point being at an expo if you don’t stand out or can’t be found.


Not only do you want to complement your branding, you can also use colour and lighting to your psychological advantage – bright colours to attract, more restful colours for when you want people to linger.


You’ve met some great prospects and attracted lots of people to your stand – how are you going to keep in touch? Business cards? An online follow up form? A lucky business card draw? Enter your names on a tablet and be into win?


Agree and practice your ‘elevator pitch’, know what you are going to say ahead of time about your business, products or services and make sure your message is consistent from team member to team member. Consider video to help share your message for when you’re talking one on one with someone.

Show Specials

Are you going to offer an expo special? How will you tell people about it? A flyer, an interactive game, an email or perhaps something on your social media channels? You can also use the special as a way of following up with people that came by your stand or interested parties that couldn’t make it.


When you’re planning your stand, remember to make room to safely and discreetly store your personal gear as well as your giveaways and collateral – there’s plenty of clever expo products out there that have a dual purpose.