Social Media Sneak Peek

TGM run regular workshops to help businesses get started with social media. Here is a snippet from one of our sessions, giving you some insights and inspiration to keep your posts engaging.


Social Media can be a great platform for businesses – if used correctly. A key point to remember when posting anything on Social Media is that first word –social. Sites like Facebook and Instagram are all about gaining trust by showing off your personality rather than using them as a platform for a hard sell. Audiences like to feel connected to your brand and social media interaction is a great way to do so. See below for some inspiration on what you can post to help engage with your audience.


Use quotes that relate to your business and speak to your audience.

Example: A personal trainer could post motivational quotes to inspire their clients.


Post tips for your audience to use.

Example: A beauty business could post tips on how to care for nails, hair etc. between appointments.


Remember to take behind-the-scenes photos.

Taking a picture of your team working away on an exciting new project is a great way to keep your audience interested in what your business is up to.


Sharing good content from others.

Follow competitors, innovators and thought leaders in your industry and share content that you think would engage with your audience.


Post any testimonials or quotes from your customers

With only two degrees of separation, everyone knows somebody who knows somebody, so a personal testimonial can go a long way.


Video content

Facebook audiences love video. A 30 sec video is a great way to get viewers interested in your content – it’s one of 2017’s biggest trends.


Share and get behind events

We have a great region and a number of amazing events throughout the year for you to share on social media and show your support for the community.


Whatever you choose to post, make sure your content is interesting, informative, entertaining or is in some way helping your audience connect with your brand. For advice social media, or to find out about our upcoming workshops, get in touch with TGM today!