Promotional Items – Giveaways

If you’re fortunate enough to attend an event where you can hand out branded promotional material to the masses, or want to impress your customers with a branded gift, you will probably be pricing up a big stash of pens or notepads. This isn’t a new idea…there are many businesses giving away free marketing stationary to customers as a way to be remembered, but the most common issue we hear is that it isn’t producing a big enough return to make it worthwhile. Products often fail to make an impact or be remembered at all. So if you’re going to spend time and money on producing promotional material to giveaway, you should consider all of your options carefully.

In order to create powerful giveaways your products must be:

Unique: A product that has never been seen before is bound to create a buzz and if it’s practical too then you’re on to a winner! Have you ever been given a USB stick in the shape of a business card, not only is this unique, it offers plenty of space to promote your messages.

Engaging: Don’t just promote your brand; include useful advice and information to show potential clients that you’re the expert. If they find it useful they’re more likely to keep it.

Stand out: A design that stands out due to its colour or messages will help your product to be seen above others, especially if it’s a pen or another popular product.

Quality: The quality of the product you buy can be vital. Not only will this determine whether the customer will use it and hold on to it, it also says a lot about your business.

Effective: Maximise all possible opportunities on the product to promote your brand. Did you know you can order post it notes with a different message on each leaf? So every time the customer uses the post it notes, they will be reminded of you.

Environmentally Friendly: Always consider the environment when you can. This includes buying products that use eco-friendly material and also choosing a re-usable product. Don’t forget to include this information within your brand messages – be seen to be green.

At TGM Creative we can help you with a huge range of promotional products that can be branded to fit your company’s unique selling point and provide customers with a branded item they can keep and use. Whether you require a design that stands out whilst effectively promoting your brand values, or want pricing for a range of cost effective unique products, we can help you to ensure this marketing initiative produces the best return.

“TGM has assisted us over many years with our design and printing requirements. Especially noted is the design and layout work for the Westpac Taranaki Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards. This has included tickets, programmes and certificates. We have found TGM Design to be innovative, knowledgeable and accommodating of our requirements.” Taranaki Chamber of Commerce, Judith Gilmer, General Manager

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