Marketing swaps with a sustainability focus

Marketing swaps with a sustainability focus

Change takes effort and we understand exactly why it is easier to stick to the same old, same old. Change takes research, trial and effort. When it comes to sustainable marketing options we’ve taken the hard work out of the process and have the following easy swaps to help ensure your marketing choices are kinder on the environment.

Print to electronic
There are lots of electronic alternatives to print – from e-newsletter providers like MailChimp to survey products like Survey Monkey. You can turn your hefty (and pricey) catalogues into electronic ‘books’ and your print ads to online ads at a lick of a button. If you print something there is no doubt an electronic alternative. Talk to us if you want help setting up templates in these systems or need training to get started.

Corflute to Tui display board
Light and cheap, there’s no doubt about it – corflute is handy, but it’s a short life product that can’t be composted or recycled. Welcome, Tui display board. This display board is able to be printed both sides, is 100% recyclable and can be used indoor and outdoor (for up to 12 weeks).

Standard flags and banners to Weka expo banner
Draw attention to your sustainable values and choose a 100% compostable material to print your next flags and banners on. This cool product can be printed up to 3.1m wide and can be used indoor and outdoor.

Promotional products
Single-use, excess and waste are out – long life, sustainable and green are not only in, they make enormous sense. Promotional products, items you can pop your logo on and give to clients and stakeholders, come in quite the range these days. You can print, stitch and etch your logo on everything from a pack of seeds or a beeswax wrap through to a coffee cup or pen made from recycled rice husk.

Did you know there is an alternative to plastic signage? A compostable banner choice? And that you can print on wood veneer? Often these alternatives are not more expensive than their non-recyclable forerunners.

Next step
We work closely with organisations to help them reduce waste and make more sustainable choices. We do this by offering eco-friendly printing, signage and packaging choices, as well as providing coordinated solutions for complex projects.

We also use simple online ordering systems that allow for accurate and timely ordering, reducing waste and saving time. We’d love to have a chat to see how these sustainable products and processes could also work for you.