Five signs that your brand needs a facelift

Five signs that your brand needs a facelift

We zhushed our brand recently to stay relevant, be more appealing and better reflect what we think is important – inviting conversation with our clients and being flexible, innovative and professional.

Here are five signs that your brand may need a facelift.

You’re doing the walk of logo shame

If you are reluctant to hand over your business card or always apologising for the look of your website your brand is holding you back. You should feel proud of your brand and everywhere it appears.

Your brand isn’t helping you get new customers

You’ve got a great product (or service) and all the right tools but you haven’t had someone new knock on your door for quite some time. You can see if potential customers visit your online but don’t convert, you can do market research and ask people why they don’t choose you and you can even don your detective gear and see what your competitors up to. If you don’t like what you see, don’t take it to heart, it could just be your brand.

Same same and not different

You compare, you copy and you always feel like you are chasing ‘the others’. Take a step back, do a marketing audit and then make changes to your brand, based on facts. Changes on the fly don’t last the distance. By all means look around and use others as benchmarks during your market research, then have faith that your marketing plan is right and build your brand from there.


There’s a mismatch between what you do, how you do it and what your brand says you do. Over time businesses evolve, clients change and the landscape you operate in morphs – is your brand keeping up with the changes taking place in who you are, what you do and why your business exists? Evolution is natural, and so is evolving your brand to keep up with change.

You’re head down and you know what up, all the time

The phone keeps ringing and you don’t have a moment to look up and before you know it you’re trying to be everything to everyone and have lost sight of what makes you, you. Being busy is seen as a badge of honour for many these days but sometimes less is more. Having clients and business that are a good fit and doing work you enjoy can often be more profitable (and fun) in the long run. By knowing who the right customer is for you and having a brand that targets them means greater profit and fun don’t have to be elusive goals.


It any of these points have got you thinking, come and say hello, we love to talk brands.