Cory Eliason – Accelerator Programme

Cory Eliason – Accelerator Programme

Every Monday for the past few weeks, a new face has been popping up around the TGM Creative office. Cory Eliason, a 17-year-old Inglewood high school Student with a passion for animation and the arts has been spending time getting to know the ins-and-outs of the business, the staff, and the roles we play. This is a part of the Accelerator programme that encourages students to engage with businesses and experience a taste of how the working world looks and feels in their field of interest.


Get to know Cory

Taking each opportunity he can is important to Cory, that’s part of the reason when his careers advisor approached him with the chance to learn more about TGM he jumped at it. Cory loves the arts and all things creative, so it’s easy to say he’s come to the right place. With a vast knowledge of classics, Cory likes to integrate the old with the new, painting and drawing as well as digitalising his artworks. Cory is also involved in 3+2 at WITT, which gives him access to the software and tools he needs to create, a perfect supplement to his TGM experience.


Cory and TGM

One of Cory’s favourite TGM projects includes the eye-catching illustration we designed for the NPDC, South Taranaki and Stratford Councils’ rubbish and recycling campaign. He was also familiar from his time at WITT, with the logo redesign and previous work we had done for the institute. He is looking forward to learning more about the team, how we work, and seeing how the design process comes to life from the inception in the marketing team all the way to the designers’ creative process and the final print.


TGM in the Community

We’re all about supporting the community, from finding effective design solutions for local businesses to sponsoring and supporting community events. This year our local community involvement includes supporting Taranaki Futures by participating in the Accelerator Programme. Part of what we do is give fresh talent a look at the workplace, have them meet the team and see how the Directors manage and lead their business. It’s a great opportunity for young creatives to participate in community projects for students as well as have a glimpse at the industry where they could potentially be working in the future.