Accelerator Programme with Taylor Russell

Accelerator Programme with Taylor Russell

Taylor is joining us this year as part of the Accelerator Programme. The Accelerator Programme helps local students make connections with the business community, giving each student insight into their potential career path.

As a student of Inglewood High, Taylor has a busy schedule with a mixture of academic subjects and after school sports, including involvement in the Inglewood Scouts. Taylor’s studies include a number of creative subjects such as art, digital technology and graphic design.

Currently Taylor is with us with a goal to learn more about the everyday work life of a designer, what they do, how they do it and what challenges they may face.

At school he has some experience with design, and is currently building his own website, using a range of techniques including design, photography and coding. When it comes to creativity Taylor loves working with different media such as clay and print and is excited to see how his creative passions could develop into life long skills.

Taylor is keen to learn as much as he can from our designers over the next few weeks and TGM are proud to be apart of a programme helping local students into career pathways.