Why WordPress?

Why WordPress?

Having a website, and importantly having an effective website can be an invaluable part of any business. Investing in a website is an excellent way to promote your products or services, and potentially open up previously untapped revenue streams. It helps you connect with your customers 24/7 and works for you outside of ‘opening hours’ in the ever-growing online space.

Before putting in the time, money and work into a website, understandably you want to make sure the website you’ll be receiving will not only serve your business needs right now, but will be able to withstand future changes and consistently place your business in the best light.

We believe WordPress is the way to go when it comes to web, currently powering over 25% of the Internet. Popularity however is not the only reason to invest in WordPress.

We’ve broken down the reasons why WordPress is the platform of choice for tgm Web Designers. Take a look below!


WordPress is SEO friendly

Google and all search engines show and rank websites in search results on the basis of various predefined parameters. These parameters are regularly changing. The good news is that WordPress is coded to meet SEO criteria, and regular updates performed by our Web Concierge team will ensure your website stays up to date.


WordPress is flexible and customisable

Out of the box, WordPress is a high performance platform with more than 11,000 WordPress themes available today. On top of that though, it can be configured and tailored to bring so much more. That’s where our tgm Web team can get creative – because being open source means our Designers can customise the website design to their hearts content! We can add functionality with plug ins, according to business needs. Website design should be developed from a specific strategy focused on your business purpose and goals – we take time to understand what you want to achieve online. This should not be restricted by the ability of the software or Developer. Using WordPress, the design can be highly customisable and our tgm Web team can create the website you’ve always wanted without the need to code from scratch, saving you time and money.


WordPress is easy to use

WordPress has a universal Dashboard that is simple to navigate. Together with the training provided by our tgm Web team you can take ownership of maintaining your website content. By providing you with the tools to make updates to your website, you can respond immediately to change and there is no need to pay someone to update for you. We often find lack of updating capability can result in your website becoming out-dated and neglected. WordPress makes it simple to keep your business information current on your website.


Future needs

WordPress is stable and scalable. Powering roughly 1 in 4 websites demonstrates not only just how large and how dominant WordPress is, but also how scalable it is. It is flexible, upgradeable and ultimately can power all manner of websites. Because WordPress is the most widely used among all CMSs, it is also the one that is virally attacked. Fortunately, security is an easily implemented necessity on WordPress sites to constantly secure and fix vulnerabilities.


WordPress is well supported

WordPress is an open source platform, meaning the website source code is available. Why does this matter? Firstly, there is a huge community of users sharing their knowledge and experience, so the software is well supported and kept up to date. Also, WordPress is not a proprietary publishing platform, so no one can take WordPress away from you. This also means your website is always kept up to date. The tgm Web team provide an ongoing technical support and Web Concierge service at a local level by maintaining your WordPress website updates, meaning your website is kept current, and is secure and care-free for your business.


Easily integrated

With more than 50,000 plug in’s available for WordPress our tgm Web Team can make your website optimal in terms of both design and function. By ‘connecting’ your website with other business systems your website can seamlessly link with these other systems. You can be sure that if there is a common need, there will be a WordPress plug in available. The tgm Web team will determine your exact business requirements and we will implement the most suitable functionality for your business. WordPress can adapt and grow with your business. And it is constantly improving. WordPress is evolving day by day to improve its user-friendly interface and features. With the passage of time, WordPress enhances its system every time with the latest version.


Change is only constant online and our tgm Web team are confident WordPress is the best platform moving forward. As the top choice for our Web Team, we make sure that our clients are getting the best online service.

If you’re interested in talking to us about a website feel free to say hello today.