Stand Out Signage

Stand Out Signage

Signage may be functional, but there’s no reason it has to be boring. Signs have come a long way since the corflute rectangle with sticky dots on the back of a white sign with a centred logo. Read about the latest signage materials, new products and trends.

What’s new

In our increasingly digital world, bright, light and lit signs are in. Lightboxes are the trusty pull up banner’s cool cousin. Still cost-effective, free-standing and portable but with the benefits of greater visibility. The ability to use the light to create a more three-dimensional design and a more professional appearance make lightboxes worth a look. Did you know we hire lightboxes? All you need to do is design a ‘skin’.

What’s popular

Curved fabric walls and plinths are popular choices for expos and events. The frames go up in seconds and you just slip a fabric outer over top giving a smooth, professional finish. You can change out the fabric outer easily or choose a two-sided design to give you different looks for different occasions or brands.


Branded vehicles act as mobile billboards and can be seen by thousands of people a day. It’s also a ‘canvas’ you can have fun with and make unique to your brand. There are safety considerations when it comes to vehicle wraps (which we’re across) and every car has different quirks to design for, so let us use these to your advantage and have some fun with your vehicle branding.

Sustainable materials

Non-recyclable corflute and plastic-y banners now have viable alternatives. Ask to see our samples of sustainable signboard and banner materials to see the quality for yourself. All of our sustainable signage products are printed using ECOLOGO Certified Latex ink, and are 100% recyclable and our display items use eco-friendly dye-sublimation processes and come with recyclable hardware.


Bright, loud ‘buy me’ signs are a thing of the past and minimalist, subtle and simple are in. In our cluttered world a simple sign can tell us what we need to know while keeping our blood pressure in check. Minimalist design can be tricky to pull off, too simple and it can look plain, boring and uninspiring or worse still, not even be noticed. This is where font choice and negative detailing really comes into play. Talk to our designers about how to strike the right balance.

Size and scale

Oversize banners, hung from unusual spaces, signs that wrap around corners, or a series of signs that tell a story can all be surprising and therefore memorable. Talk to us about the physical environments you have available for signage and let our designers loose with their ideas.


Wayfinding signage makes people feel secure and can reinforce your brand. Why not guide your customers with well-placed signs and while you are at it, provide a thoughtful brand experience. Or think of unexpected places for signs – toilet stall doors and inside lifts have captive audiences and can be a great place to share information.


Simple in appearance, signs can be one of the more complex things to design. There can be a myriad of rules around the number of words and font size for signs visible from the road for starters. Then there’s the choice of materials and install considerations. At TGM we pride ourselves on the variety of signs we’ve created over our 30+ years in business and feel confident we’ve got an example to illustrate most scenarios.

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