Effective website design

Having a website is pretty crucial these days and fairly straight forward to set up and update, but getting people to it and being found in a search result is another thing completely. This is why SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is as important as having a website.

Create valuable content: Make sure you have content that will be useful to your target audience and will drive traffic to your website. Social media is a handy tool to promote content on your website.

Use the right key words: Make sure you target the right keywords within your website; words that your customers will search for – not just the name of your business as potential clients may not have heard of your business. It’s also important to track where your visitors are coming from using analytics software to have an understanding of which marketing platform is working well for you.

Join the social media revolution: Not only will this increase visitor numbers to your website but it will increase your online presence, making it impossible for customers to ignore you.

At TGM Creative we can create your website and help you to make it as effective as possible so that you’re not left behind. Contact us to discuss your website requirements.