Designer Picks: Merchandise

Merchandise can be a memorable and effective way for your business to reach customers and it’s a great way to leave a lasting impression especially during this upcoming festive season. So this month we’ve asked our designers to pick their favourite choice of merchandise collateral:


Elle – Personalised Notebooks

These can be easily branded and have a number of different areas that can be branded and designed which gives the opportunity to show a little more about the business and be a bit creative! Plus who doesn’t love a good notebook (maybe just me)?

TGM Creative uses a personalised notebook that we take to meetings and also hand out to clients. These are snapped up super fast and clients love the designer look of the notebook. Notebooks are excellent to hand out to corporate clients who can either use them at work or at home. They are a marketing product that are not only are practical but people enjoy using.


Freya – Lip Balm and Sunscreen

With summer coming up these are a great way to expose your brand during the summer break. It is a consumable item over a period of time, so the branding stays out there for while (it is not a static item that would just sit on the shelf for a short time and then get thrown away).

We’ve used lip balms previously as a giveaway for NPDC Guided Walks, which worked great as they were relevant to the event, everyone can use them. Plus, a giveaway is always appreciated!


 Rachael – Thermal Mugs

Personally, I love coffee! So every time I get one of these I keep it because you always need an emergency coffee on-the-go cup. A bonus of having your brand on this merchandise is that people almost never throw it away (well I don’t) so the branding always there – plus I am always leaving them at other peoples houses from ‘coffeeying’ on the go. From there, others are exposed to the branding too. They also seem non-tacky due to the aluminum outer finish that gives the brand a more upper class and reliable look.

They are also quite versatile, for example they can be used as client gifts for Christmas, internally or end of year sporting events.


Chloe – Notepads

These are my top pick as they are a great, practical item you can leave with people – and they always seem to keep them. We use them all the time at TGM as they are great in meetings and are really professional. Using them as giveaways is a great way to show off your brand. They can be designed to catch peoples eye but at the same time, they are very useful around the office.


Robyn – Mint Cards

These cards last for a while, are easily portable and people like to use them – who doesn’t like a good mint? They also have a good area available for branding. Another plus is they are also not gender specific, anyone of any age or background can use them.

We have used them at TGM before with a simple white graphic on black, which is very effective and eye catching. We’ve found them as a good handout for a range of businesses to celebrate events or highlight campaigns.


So there we have it – a range of interesting and memorable merchandise that can be used to show off your brand this season.

TGM and offer these and many other different types of merchandise. If you’re interested in our selection or giving your business a point of difference then don’t hesitate to get in touch!