The Key to Successful Sign Design

The Key to Successful Sign Design:
There are many factors to consider during the design process to ensure that your signage will have the most impact.
Some of these key considerations include how you plan to use the signage and who it is aimed at.
To clarify this, you may ask yourself what it is exactly you are looking to achieve:
Is it to identify the location of your business?
Promote your services?
Promote an event?
Do you want to provide direction for your clients/customers?

You may also want to question the location:
Is the sign viewed by passing motorists or pedestrians and what distance will it be viewed at?

The most successful signs are bold, simple in message and easy to read from a distance. Trying to fit too much detail on a sign may not be effectively communicated to the reader.
For example, a billboard is often seen for only a few seconds from a passerby or if in a car. This means that message needs to be short and to the point in order to have a lasting impact. Signage that focuses on images rather than text are often more easily interpreted – as the saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words.

Because of these factors often we are drawn to the biggest and boldest sign design imaginable. However keep in mind that sign placement, size and design are often subject to local ordinances or regulations relating to safety and potential hazards.

On-site Business Signs

If you are planning to start a new business or are currently a business owner, a critical aspect of your public appearance is your business sign.
Exterior signs used to draw attention to your place of business need to be memorable and consistent. Your sign should be a succinct representation of your corporate image, logo and colour scheme.
A well designed and attractive business sign greatly reduces the need for other forms of advertising and is an essential component of a business’ overall marketing strategy.

Signs help you introduce and reinforce your business’ brand. It is a first impression for your new customers and the constant exposure will reinforce your brand in the minds of
your repeat customers. A benefit of signage is that it provides a cost effective solution to marketing strategy, providing a cheaper alternative than other types of advertising such newspapers, radio and television. And unlike these other advertising outlets they provide exposure 24/7.

With this in mind consider frequently assessing the condition, look and placement of your signage, ensuring it is up-to-date and looking smart. Signs within your premises can be useful to promote special displays and help customers locate merchandise.

Off-site, Promotional or Event Signs

When you have an event or promotion that needs to be publicised an off-site sign or billboard can be very effective. It can help to convey short, concise, promotional information generating additional sales or advertising an event.

Strategically positioned billboards will communicate a direct message to passing motorists.
For example: A sign that promotes a special sale, event you are running, or a sign to tout a recent award your business has won or even to remind people that it is the time of year to make use of a seasonal service your business provides.

Signage on the side of your vehicle is a great form of mobile advertising – consider paying other motorists to place signs on their own vehicles for additional reach.

Safety and Directional Signs

Direction: For larger businesses, your building or premises could benefit from directional signs helping customers to get to where they need to go easily.

Safety: Customers and employees alike may need to be made aware of safety issues. Safety signs help keep your workplace safe and ensure that your business complies with the latest standards, regulations and codes of practice.

Interpretive or Information Signs

Interpretive sign design is often thought of as specific to heritage sites but it also has many applications relevant to the commercial sector.
Whether they are educationally orientated such as museums, science centers, parks and visitor centers, or sales orientated such as real estate sales, trade shows and showrooms, they all share the similar goal of creating spaces that enhance visitor experience. These types of signs contribute to an environment that people enjoy being in, and are both functional and visually appealing.