Linkedin: Tips to an effective profile

Linkedin isn’t your typical social media platform where pretty much anything goes; it is designed specifically for business professionals who don’t have time to be ‘social’. Corporates use Linkedin to build valuable relationships, access valuable content and provide valuable information, all designed to generate business leads, gain knowledge and show they’re an expert in their field.

The majority of people I speak to know of Linkedin but are unaware of the potential it has to add to the marketing mix and as a free service…who wouldn’t give it a try? But it’s not quite as simple as that, there are rules you must follow and techniques you can use to ensure that you get off on the right foot, which is extremely important when opening yourself (and your business) up to the worlds largest online business network, Linkedin.

As a starting point, here are 5 things to remember when using Linkedin:

Don’t forget why you joined

You are using this platform to gain advantages in your business so don’t get too personal and opinionated when it comes to discussing issues relating to your industry, especially with your competitors. Search out people who are going to add value to your business and spend time interacting with them. It’s easy to get consumed in discussions on a daily basis so limit yourself to a time-frame and stick to it, otherwise you will never see the return on your investment.

Be professional

This includes your profile content and image. Your profile will reflect your brand values as a business so stick to the facts but don’t be afraid to add some personality to it. Connections will move on quickly (probably to a competitor) if you bore them with all the details of your business. Focus on writing about how you can help others rather than what you’re goals and achievements are.

Avoid spamming strangers

The first time people hear from you shouldn’t be when you’re bragging about your new product or promoting an event. Answer questions, show value and then offer consultancy or a product. People are looking for generosity online, so source great articles or statistics and share them with your community and you will soon become the expert in your industry. The new products and services page on your business profile allows you to add all the relevant information about what you can offer so make the most of it and remember to include a contact person for each service so that people can find out more.

Only create one account

It may sound obvious but I’ve seen so many people with more than one personal account, and it’s often a simple case of losing your log in details, so when creating your account, save your username and password somewhere safe. It leaves people in a difficult situation when they see two profiles of the same person and more often than not they will avoid connecting as they’re unsure which is the right one.

Don’t be irrelevant to a group

Joining groups is a great way to get in front of hundreds of potential leads without being directly connected with them but this doesn’t mean joining every group going. Some groups are right for you; some are not. Yes, you are a life coach or an IT consultant, but don’t join the accountant’s group just because they may need you. If you join a group, offer value, or stay out of the conversation until it’s relevant to you.

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