2023 Design Trends

2023 Design Trends

Risograph renaissance

Risograph printing has been around for a long time, making comebacks every now and then – most notably the 80’s and 90’s. Described as digital screen printing, the process is similar providing vivid colours and unique textures.

The Riso printing technique is transposed into the digital world of 2023, taking inspiration from its layering techniques, grainy textures, and bright colours. This creates a bespoke look to your brand, making it feel hand crafted and artistic.

Riso printing can be done on a variety of stocks, with its vibrant colours standing out on thick matte paper and textures emphasised on thin stock like newsprint.



With the last few years of design being focused on minimalism it’s only natural for a push back to escape from the routines and restrictions. 2023 design is bringing full colour and patterned maximalism to light in not only graphic design but also fashion and spacial design.

It can seem overwhelming, especially moving out of the minimalist space, but maximalism is striking and unforgettable with its bold and experimental typography and unconventional colour combinations.

For your brand this means truly standing out and not being afraid to make bold visual statements. In print you can go solid and boxy paired with bold vibrant colours, or a totally custom shape to really stand out.


New Botanicals

Reinterpreting a familiar pattern, the botanical look of 2023 can be designed as flat and solid, or hand drawn and textured. This design style can be created with solid colours or bold gradients, creating a fresh twist on vintage botanical drawings.

Botanicals can add an organic and down to earth feel to your brand, and when used with local botanicals this creates a feel of local community and connection to your region.

This ties together well with the world being more mindful of the environment; printing can be on recycled stock to reinforce the look of sustainability and care. Recycled paper can be quite cost effective and moves your brand from ‘greenwashing’ to a mindful and responsible business.